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We are looking for suitable candidates to serve as curator for the 2008 PixelPops! show. The show should take place sometime after August 2008 before the end of December 2008. Please suggest dates convienent for your schedule. We have no grant money so we have been begging, borrowing and stealing equipment and resources in years past and plan to continue this method until funding arrives:) The sucessful candidate will:
  1. CHOSE A THEME AND HELP CRAFT THE CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS. Click here for an example of last year's call.

  2. FIND A PLACE (gallery, university setting, airfield, warehouse, gas station, open field, etc...) AND SOME COMPUTER EQUIPMENT to display the show (screen-based, projection, cell phone, whatever you can muster). The exhibit does not have to run any amount of time - it could be a week or a month - whatever the venue will allow.

  3. JURY THE SHOW using our online tools. If you don't want to jury alone feel free to suggest a co-curator.


    That's it!

    We provide all of the pieces on DVD or CD ready to load onto your local equipment. We provide online submission and jurying tools and, of course, we update the website with the new show and new show information on a timely basis. We also provide any advertising materials you will need - posters, flyers, etc...and any other support we can and you need.

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